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Branded POS for 2x sales

Branded POS for 2x sales

This post takes couple of minutes to read. While you are reading, chances are that plenty of people are shopping for groceries in the nearest supermarket. They will be exposed to hundreds of POS marketing visuals.

Most of that POS marketing will be completely ignored 🙈

Yet, some of it will be seen, processed, and will do its job in growing brand (and category) sales. Contrary to popular opinion, POS marketing that sells most isn't always the one offering the heaviest discount - branded POS can do the job as well.

Branded POS marketing is a great way to raise awareness, develop brand image and drive attention to your products. If you utilize right messaging and right creative, sales can multiply.

This case study is an A/B test of two branded POS creatives in the chips & salty snacks category. One of the creatives increased brand penetration almost 2x 🚀

POS marketing is too often associated with promotions and discounts.

To show a different perspective, we have A/B tested two Branded POS Creatives to quantify impact on brand sales. We asked 400 shoppers to shop for chips in our supermarket digital twins app.

They were split in two samples. First sample was exposed to aisle fins, hangers and a top board with a more colorful & emotional POS creative, pictured below:

Branded Creative no1

...second sample was exposed to a more minimalistic creative, but with organic messaging and the USDA Organic logo.

Branded Creative no2: Organic

"Organic" messaging creative increased brand penetration +84% (almost 2x), compared to the other creative.

Right messaging, call to action, colors and visuals make all the difference at the place of purchase.

Majority of purchase decisions are made in store, very fast and pretty much instinctively. Testing POS Creatives before launch is a way to make sure you are getting the most out of trade marketing budgets.